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Hometown Optical carries both affordable frames along with the most popular brand names around.

  • eco
  • Flexon
  • Lacoste
  • Oakley
  • Coach
  • Nike
  • Ray-Ban
  • Russell Simmons
  • Suntrends
  • Vera Bradley

Hometown Optical also carries many contact lens options to find the best fit for you.



Hometown Optical carries the absolute latest trends in eyewear fashion, at prices that might surprise you. From Coach to Versace, we offer the world’s most popular eyeglasses made by Europe and America’s leading designers.
Hometown Optical also offers a large stock of non-designer frames, with the same high quality construction and fashion forward design as the name brands.


Our state of the art optics laboratory houses the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry. Eyeglasses produced by Hometown Optical are made using the digital free-form process, which offers patients the best possible lens performance, fully customized to meet their individual needs.


Fashion and Function mean nothing without the right Fit. The perfect fit of your eyeglasses starts with a comprehensive eye exam by one of our friendly Optometrists, or your own current prescription. Next our expertly trained Opticians will assist you in selecting the perfect frame for your style and budget. Finally, our Opticians perform a number of measurements to customize your prescription to ensure our eyeglasses provide the highest vision clarity possible.


You can now reorder contact lenses online from Hometown Optical for fast, convenient service.

Hometown Optical is focused on being the leader in the highly competitive contact lens market. At Hometown Optical we understand your time is valuable, and with this in mind, we provide our own online ordering site. We have a complete selection of lenses, including every brand and contact type to fit your specific needs.

Get FREE SHIPPING when you order 4 boxes or more, or spend more than $50.


Designer & Affordable Sunglasses For Everyone

Sunglasses have evolved from a necessity to an indispensable fashion accessory in today’s society. Hometown Optical is committed to providing our patients with the latest styles from the top designers in the fashion industry. We have partnered with brands from Coach to Oakley to uphold this commitment. The Hometown Optical sunglasses selection includes products from the most exclusive designer brands, to the highest quality budget lines. Come see us at Hometown Optical to discover the right sunglasses for you!


Progressive Addition Lenses (No-Line Bifocals)

All of our Progressive lenses are digitally surfaced using the latest in freeform lens manufacturing technology. This cutting edge technology allows us to produce lenses 10 times more accurate than conventional lenses, ensuring the highest performance, comfort and visual acuity possible.

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating

Our state-of-the-art optics lab is capable of producing many of the highest performing AR coatings available on the market, including coatings with Super-Hydrophobic and Oleo-Phobic layers that are much easier to care for because they repel water and oil.

Anti-Reflective coatings are important for two reasons. First, these coatings allow your lenses to optimize the amount of light that passes through them, significantly improving your sight. Second, this coating reduces the reflection of light off of the surface of the lenses, dramatically improving your appearance in a pair of eyeglasses.

Lens Materials

We have access to all components available in the lens manufacturing industry, including the lightest and thinnest materials used to makes lenses. We will help you choose the best lens material for both your style and prescription.

Photochromic Lenses

We also have Photochromic lenses available in nearly any material. Photochromic lenses are self-tinting lenses that darken in UV light, keeping your eyes comfortable in any lighting conditions.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are far and away the best performing lenses used in a pair of sunglasses. A polarized lens is not merely tinted, but also designed to block glare that reflects off of the ground, making them ideal for all outdoor activities.

Scratch Coating

Each lens manufactured in our optics laboratory comes pre-equipped with one of the hardest lens coating available on the market. This makes each pair of glasses purchased from Hometown Optical scratch resistant.

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